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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get auto-delivery?

Getting a plan takes the hassle out of remembering to purchase coffee, and you’ll never have to face the trauma of running out.

It’s the best value (more bean for your buck) and shipping is free.

When will I get my order?

We don’t roast our beans until you order to ensure you’re getting the maximum freshness each and every time. Our goal is to ship out the same day as roasting, but sometimes it may be the next. Depending on where you live, it may take a day two to six days to receive your order. No matter where you live, you’ll receive your fresh Clark Little Coffee within days of roasting..

Why do my bags of coffee look like they’re full of air?

This is completely normal. We don’t add nitrogen to our bags, so as they are being shipped to you, the beans will be releasing carbon dioxide in what is called the “degassing” process. This is what freshly roasted beans do and our bags are designed to keep outside air out, so the only place for the C02 to go is … nowhere. This means that as soon as you get your coffee bags out of the box, you’ll need to release the C02. You can do this by simply opening the bag, or by using our recommended method of gently pressing the bag and forcing the C02 out through the bag’s air valve. You’ll experience a huge blast of invigorating fresh coffee aroma. Enjoy!

Do you offer Returns and Refunds?

For any returns or refunds, contact [email protected] OR call us at 770-555-5555.

Are your coffees organic, fair trade, bird friendly…?

In our opinion, all of the larger certification programs have flaws and limitations in what they represent about the product and what value they actually bring to the consumer.

Broadly, we believe a better approach for true and durable sustainability is to build the consumer market around exceptionally high quality coffees, sourced from producers who are putting the most work into the long-term benefits of their crops and communities, irrespective of expensive third-party certifications (such as “Organic,” “Fair Trade,” etc.).

That’s why you’ll find the words responsibly sourced on our beans: because we are in most cases dealing with a farmer’s representative and not a certified organization. This ensures the farmers are getting the most for their bean, and we are getting the best product available.

We test only on humans. So far, they’ve all been super happy since they started waking up to better coffee!